This Is Vegas. Yes, Hiring A Stripper Is Legal.

So many people come to Vegas with a misunderstanding of what is legal here and what isn’t. You have to keep in mind that the rules that apply to you back home don’t apply here, and you can do a lot of stuff here that you couldn’t even dream of doing back home. Gambling is the big one of course. Want to bet on a big football game, you better not try that at home because betting on sports is totally illegal. In Vegas, you can literally walk out of your hotel room and place a bet within 15 minutes, and in some cases you don’t even have to leave the room! Want to have a party in your hotel room? It is encouraged and we expect it. Want to hire a couple of hotties to come to that party and get totally naked for you? Yup, it’s legal and expected.

It’s called an “outcall service” and it basically means that a business like ours has a license that allows us to send entertainers to hotel rooms, homes or other private residences to entertain you in a variety of ways. No, prostitution isn’t legal in Clark County so if you want that you will have to go to somewhere outside of city limits, but it is perfectly legal for girls to strip totally naked and perform a lot of different kinds of shows that would probably be illegal in other states. The only problem you are going to have is finding the right service to hire, because a lot of them still operate like it is illegal. They don’t think you will complain if you get bad service, don’t get what you expected or if totally different girls (which sometimes aren’t even girls) show up to strip for you. They can ruin your party and they really don’t expect you to do anything about it, because most guys are too embarrassed or they think that there is nobody they can call. Back home, if a stripper ripped you off you probably wouldn’t be able to do much about it, and they count on you thinking the same way when you are here.

Thats a shame, and services like ours that provide awesome girls who are going to give you a show you will never forget have to compete with services who are in the business of ripping you off. We are always dealing with people who have had a bad experience with another company, and think our whole industry is like that….well it isn’t. Our girls are the best in the business, and they understand that you are trusting us to provide the hottest shows with the hottest ladies. Our girls show up when they say they will and they entertain your guests exactly like they are supposed to. We know this is the case because we are the girls that are showing up! Thats right, you read that correctly.

Las Vegas Bachelor Girls is an outcall service that is run by the girls who are doing the shows. See those pictures on the website? Thats us. Those are really our pictures because we are confident enough that we don’t have to pretend we are someone else. When you are the best at what you do, you don’t have to hide behind fake advertisements. When you have the hottest ladies and they are running the show, you aren’t afraid to show your face. So get on the phone and call us, or fill out your requests on our site. We are ready to entertain you and make your Vegas party one to be remembered……and we are sure you will let your friends know who you called!