Thinking Of Stripping In Las Vegas? It’s Harder Than You Think

stripperWe have all heard the joke before, when someone isn’t doing well at something they say “screw it, I’ll just be a stripper.” The reason that people might think this is funny is because they have an idea in their head that a stripper does what she does because she can’t do anything else.  In reality, the joke is kind of on them because it is probably way harder to be a stripper than it is to be almost any other job.  You might think that all you have to do is decide that you are going to be a stripper and you will be able to be one, but this is only partly true.  Sure, you can make the decision that you want to strip and make money doing it, but that doesn’t mean that anyone is going to pay you to do it.  Sure, you can become a stripper just by taking your clothes off in front of people, but if you are going to be a professional stripper you are going to have to work at it, keep yourself in great shape and be an awesome dancer.  You also better have a great personality and be a fun person.  Maybe you have all of these things and you also are seriously considering being a stripper, and maybe you will be able to do it and ear a living in some small town…..but if you think you are going to be able to be a stripper in Las Vegas and earn a living you might just have a rude awakening coming.  If you haven;t figured out why this is yet, it’s because the strippers in Las Vegas are the best in the world.  Don’t think you are going to be able to just take your clothes off and suddenly you are making a lot of money here, because when you see just how good our girls are at what they do you will probably realize really fast that maybe the expression should be “screw it, I’ll be a secretary.”

Las Vegas is a place where a professional stripper can make a good living, because there are many different places that she can actually perform.  You can work in the strip clubs if you want (which there are plenty) and you can also work for an outcall service like this one that sends girls to private rooms to entertain.  Other cities have only a fraction of the number of clubs that we do, and there is probably no chance that you are going to find many services like this one that send strippers to your room in other towns.  This means there is more opportunities here and as a result we get a more professional understanding of our jobs.  We take it seriously and know how to show our customers a great time.  We obsessively work on our fitness and staying hot, because our customers demand it.  This is the major leagues, and we are the best of the best.

So now you all know that Vegas strippers are better than strippers from other places, so which places in Vegas are the best to go to see the best entertainers? That is going to be up to you, because the clubs here also know that they are the best.  You are going to see some huge cover charges, and you can expect to pay at least double for a beer than you are used to.  You aren’t going to be shown a whole lot of attention from the girls in the clubs because they are hurrying off to the next customer as soon as possible.  So what is our suggestion? That’s easy, call us and let us send the best strippers in Las Vegas right to your room.  Once you realize the difference between getting treated terrible in a strip club in Vegas and having one, two or more strippers perform just for you or your group, then you will see what we mean when we say we are the best in the world!