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I’m Violette;

You NEED a petite blonde like me at your parties, its true I am a stripper in a FUN size, they call me the slutty barbie. I have been dancing for over 3 years, I look sweet but I get seriously naughty. I love doing pu$$y magic shows. My favorite slutty strippers to dance with are Molly and Angela. As you can see from my pictures I am a water baby, I love doing bubble bath shows and taking the bachelor in the shower. The man of the night is always first priority to be happy, BUT everyone in the group needs to get a lap dances from me so I dedicate a lot of time after the bachelor show to the rest of the party. I also enjoy couples and female shows. My petite body is complimented by my tattoos which you will love to see up close and personal so call and ask for me today.


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Reviews featuring Violette

“Called the Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers for the bachelor party of my long time friend. Someone else recommended them for this party and said that the show was great! To be completely honest, I think it was WAY better than what he described. The name of the girls were Violet and Becca, not only are they hot, beautiful, and so much fun, but also being really professional. Most of the show they payed extra attention to the groom (as they should) but got me a little jealous I wasn’t him that I had to pay a private dance for myself after the show. Definitely calling them back just for a night of party but now I might specifically request Violet!”
-David, Michigan

“Me and my wife have been to plenty of stripclubs all across the US but the whole girls to the room idea had her nervous. But Emily and Adrianna showed up and was so cool and down to earth that she felt very comfortable. They showed us a very good time. Good enough that we had Emily back 2 more nights. She brought Ellie one night and she was great and then Violette the other night and she was just as fun. When they say it will be better then they clubs they didn’t lie. We will be back and booking again. Very well run company.”
Tyler, Colorado


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