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I’m Kim;

What’s up guys? It’s Kim Your favorite bachelor girl I am 5 foot 7 and a Super Sexy mix of Puerto Rican and Jamaican! I am insanely flexible & I do amazing girl on girl shows! I also specialize in strap on shows and double enders! In fact I became a Las Vegas stripper so I can show off my Bi sexual skills unlike anything I was able to do at the club. I am originally from New York but moved out here to be a stripper because everyone knows Vegas is the place to be. I like hip hop and trap house music but anything with a good beat I will shake my ass to. My favorite game is anal ring toss and I give away free lap dances when anyone makes a ring. I am super down to earth and have a great personality, which can be rare to find in Vegas strippers lol. So when you’re picking your girls to your room be sure to include me, as I am definitely one of the hottest girls in town. I work super well with any of the other girls, but I especially love Amber and Emily. .

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Reviews featuring Kim

“We were introduced to Holly and Kim back in April and they did not disappoint!! FULLY NUDE, tons of fun and everyone got in on the games. We all had a blast. Everyone there was pretty much prior military and/or current LEO and Holly hooked us up with a great discount. They are clean and keep it professional (yea, good luck trying to finger bang you’re a shitbag for trying anyway). We have them lined up for September and my buddy has no clue. Tip: feed them energy drinks and singles to keep it going. It’s really YOU that decides when it’s over. If you guys die out, they’ll move right along”
-Joe New York

“Kim, Gabby and Alana were a hit! We didn’t know what to expect as it was our first time in Vegas but they went above and beyond to show my brother a great last night.”

“Thank you again girls you were the highlight of the trip! My buddy is in love with Kim and wont stop talking about her”
-Jordan, California

“Thanks for the show Kim, you shut up all my friends who thought girls coming to us would be lamer then going out. I am saving your number for our next trip to Vegas. Give my best to Isabella and Alana they were incredible.”
-Geff, Delaware

“Had a group of over 20 guys in an air b&b figured it would easier to have the party come to us then to wrangle up 2 dozen drunks. I asked them the most they could send and they said 6. Strippers arrived about 1.5 hours after we ordered them, price seemed to good to be true, but we ended up spending more in tips and upgraded to the lesbian show. Very easy, even drunk I can coordinate it, in all seriousness it was good fun and I appreciate the service, I don’t remember everyone who was there but it was for sure Eva Long, Angel, Kim and the other porn star and 2 blondes.”
-Oscar, California

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