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I’m Amber;

Hey I’m Amber. I am a petite spunky brunette but I love getting down and dirty with bachelors. Getting strippers to you room on the Vegas strip with that amazing view is a once in a lifetime experience and I am here to help make absolutely amazing. I love when bachelors are shy so I can help bring them out of their shell and have a great time before they take one last walk down the aisle. I spank, tease and overall, make sure the bachelor is begging for more by the end of the show. Then I take turns with my other sexy Las Vegas strippers to keep him entertained while making sure the rest of the group has a turn with our fully nude lap dances and private bed dances. My favorite part about being a private stripper is getting to party in all the different beautiful hotel rooms. I work awesome with everyone but my go to favorite gals to do shows with (especially the upgraded shows) are Skye and Angela


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Reviews featuring Amber

“Last minute i was put in charge of finding the entertainment for the evening, I called and spoke to Alana, asked her if she could add in a last minute event to her night and she was in our room 2 hours later. Last minute we weren’t able to pick girls but she said she would bring the best ones available, she came through with Gabby, Angel, and Isabella and it was outstanding, It was almost everyones favorite part of the trip, definitely will book in advance next time though”
-Tim, Pennsylvania

“Kim, Nessi and Amber were a hit! We didn’t know what to expect as it was our first time in Vegas but they went above and beyond to show my brother a great last night!”
-Kent, Florida 


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