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I’m Adrianna;

Hi! how’s it going! I am Adrianna. I’m from Houston, Tx so I have a little bubbly country side to me, but i love to shake my ass. I am 22 years old and have been dancing for a little over 3 years. I love doing private parties and making sure every bachelor learns his lesson before walking down the aisle…I have even gotten a few to change their mind..hehe… anyways I know everyone always asks so YES they are real, and they are definitely my best asset, well that and my ass lol. When looking around from vegas strippers make sure you keep me in mind. I know you want my giant tits in your face and I can be there in less than an hour, simply call and ask for me, Adrianna for your next Vegas party  🙂 


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Reviews featuring Adrianna

“Adrianna was a true gem, my Vegas trip had a few bumps along the road to say the least but she was very flexible and understanding, we changed our reservation date last minute and everyone was running late but she wasn’t phased by it at all, great show!”
-Kevin, Ontario

“After looking around a lot we decided on Kim, Kaylee & Adrianna. They were as cool in person as on the phone. We stayed through monday so we called the girls back for round 2 on Sunday night, almost stayed longer just to see them a third time! We will be back soon for sure!!”
Bret, Arizona

“Wow, what can I say, my wife is going to kill me if she sees this, but you girls are too great not to say something. 5 star service, beautiful girls, made it super easy to have the party come to us and we had a great time, yes I would recommend. I can’t speak for the other entertainers but Adrianna, Eva and Gabby were who was sent to us and they exceeded expectations.”
-Robert, Texas

“Kaylee and the crew are fantastic! She brought Adrianna, Isabella and Alana. They showed up and actually were as shown in the pics 100% recent photos I was blown away that never happens in all my trips to vegas 😂 It was a blast they have cheap prices but you certainly need to tip to get the full show in all its glory. My bachelor was obsessed with the ring toss game and we spent far too much money on it but it was a good laugh. Show went about 90 minutes and we could have kept it going but have a table at Omnia we wanted them to come with us but they had to go to there next event. 5 stars all the way around!!!!!”
-Shawn, New York

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