Robot Strippers, Bitcoin Tips and Las Vegas

There has been a lot of news through major publications and online outlets about the debut of robot strippers at the recent CES convention in Las Vegas. The “Consumer Electronics Show” that happened last month is one of the largest conventions in the world, and sets attendance records year after year. Most attendees are people who love technology and gadgets, and they come to Las Vegas to spend days seeing and trying out the latest cool things that the tech world has produced. Other people just enjoy the fact that a convention of this size brings a lot of people into Las Vegas, and the party atmosphere that always exists here gets taken up a notch or two. The one thing that everyone who comes to town for the CES has in common is that they love tech and they love vacationing for a few days in Sin City. This year a British artist named Giles Walker designed a few androids wearing garters who competed against real strippers at Sapphire, one of our largest strip clubs. Naturally, even though the tech-loving crowd was interested in seeing what a robot stripper looked like, the guys always prefer the real thing. Right around this same time word has come out that there are strippers around the country accepting tips in the form of Bitcoin, being able to be donated by scanning a phone on a temporary tattoo that has been placed on the strippers body. Technological advancements are great, but ultimately we believe that what guys are really looking for is real strippers who can come to their room when they are in Las Vegas for a convention, bachelor party or event. A robot is never going to be able to do the things that our girls do.

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