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“We were introduced to Holly and Kim back in April and they did not disappoint!! FULLY NUDE, tons of fun and everyone got in on the games. We all had a blast. Everyone there was pretty much prior military and/or current LEO and Holly hooked us up with a great discount. They are clean and keep it professional (yea, good luck trying to finger bang you’re an asshat for trying anyway). We have them lined up for September and my buddy has no clue. Tip: feed them energy drinks and singles to keep it going. It’s really YOU that decides when it’s over. If you guys die out, they’ll move right along ”
-Joe New York
Joe from New York: April 2017
“My wife and I couldn’t have been more thrilled with the show Holly put on, it made our anniversary one for the books”Jason from New Jersey: Oct 2017
“We had Kaylee, Eva, Holly & Kelly to our bachelor party at the Aria & it was dope! The porn star did a squirt show that was fu***** crazy! Thanks for giving my boy a memorable sendoff! Also Kelly’s Huge fake tits kick ass!!”Dave from Cali: July 2017
“Holly and the crew are fantastic! She brought Adrianna, Isabella and alana They showed up and actually were as shown in the pics, recent photos I was blown away that never happens in all my trips to vegas 😂 It was a blast they have cheap prices but you certainly need to tip to get the full show in all its glory. My bachelor was obsessed with the ring toss game and we spent far too much money on it but it was a good laugh. Show went about 90 minutes and we could have kept it going but have a table at Omnia we wanted them to come with us but they had to go to there next event. 5 stars all the way around!!!!!”
Shawn from New York: March 2017
“Thanks for the show Kim, you shut up all my friends who thought girls coming to us would be lamer then going out. I am saving your number for our next trip to Vegas. Give my best to Isabella and Alana they were incredible.”Geff from Delaware: August 2017
“These girls were a dope find. Got Isabella, Gabby and Bailey. Had a blast they looked exactly like there pics on Instagram. My bachelor was absolutely wasted and they were a good sport about it they still had fun and made it memorable for the rest of us lmao.”Warren from Nevada: January 2017
“Had a group of over 20 guys in an air b&b figured it would easier to have the party come to us then to wrangle up 2 dozen drunks. I asked them the most they could send and they said 6. Strippers arrived about 1.5 hours after we ordered them, price seemed to good to be true, but we ended up spending more in tips and upgraded to the lesbian show. Very easy, even drunk I can coordinate it, in all seriousness it was good fun and I appreciate the service, I don’t remember everyone who was there but it was for sure Eva Long, Angel, Kim and the other porn star and 2 blondes”Oscar from California: January 2017
Way to go ladies! You really cheered up my brother who just broke things off with his lady. THANK YOU. I knew a trip to Vegas was exactly what he needed, and you girls were the icing on the cake. Fast and professional, showed up 45 min after we called, they actually beat us to our own room. Show was seductive and they brought the singles and music, very easy to arrange. These ladies rock. Skylee and Holly really impressed us.
Jackson from Arizona: January 2018
“After looking around a lot we decided on Holly, Kaylee & Adrianna. They were as cool in person as on the phone. We stayed through monday so we called the girls back for round 2 on Sunday night, almost stayed longer just to see them a third time! We will be back soon for sure!!”"Brett from Arizona: November 2017
“Kim, Gabby and Allana were a hit! We didn’t know what to expect as it was our first time in Vegas but they went above and beyond to show my brother a great last night”Kent from Florida: March 2017
“Called last minute, girls were there in 45 minutes, great service. Very Hot Vegas strippers & I Highly recommend Gabby and Kaylee!”James from Ohio: April 2017
“Adrianna was a true gem, my Vegas trip had a few bumps along the road to say the least but she was very flexible and understanding, we changed our reservation date last minute and everyone was running late but she wasn’t phased by it at all, great show!”Kevin from Ontario: May 2017
“Had a group of guys, we were bored after the strip club and wanted something more triple X, called and got Alana & Kaylee and we did the toy show, batteries died in one of their toys so my brother ran to the gift shop for more and I have never seen him move so fast! LOL!”Jordan from California: March 2017
“Wow, what can I say, my wife is going to kill me if she sees this, but you girls are too great not to say something. 5 star service, beautiful girls, made it super easy to have the party come to us and we had a great time, yes I would recommend. I can’t speak for the other entertainers but Adrianna, Eva and Gabby were who was sent to us and they exceeded expectations.” Robert from Texas: December 2016
“Thank you again girls you were the highlight of the trip! My buddy is in love with Kim and wont stop talking about her !”Dean from Philadelphia: January 2017
“We have had some not pleasant experiences inviting women up to our room but we were recommended these girls by a cabby driver, ended up calling and it was out of this world.” Liam from Missouri: February 2017
“Last minute i was put in charge of finding the entertainment for the evening, I called and spoke to Alana, asked her if she could add in a last minute event to her night and she was in our room 2 hours later. Last minute we weren’t able to pick girls but she said she would bring the best ones available, she came through with Gabby, Angel, and Isabella and it was outstanding, It was almost everyones favorite part of the trip, definitely will book in advance next time though”Tim from Pennsylvania: December 2016
“Lauren is super sexy! I ordered her for me and my husbands honeymoon weekend and it was incredible. We got the couples toy show, she gave us a free dance to celebrate after”
Dave from California: December 2016

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