Pool Parties & Strippers in Las Vegas!

Hey Guys! Another sexy post coming to you from Kim, the hottest stripper in Vegas baby! I just wanted to blog real quick about strippers and pool parties this summer in sin city. With summer almost here, the pool parties are starting to get into full swing with top entertainers doing their thing every weekend with names like Diplo, Flo-Rida, the chain smokers and so on. Hitting the pool clubs is always fun, and it makes an amazing day epic when you have strippers to your room afterwards! The Las Vegas Bachelor Girls are the hottest & sexiest strippers in all of vegas and you definitely need to call us when you come to sin city this summer. We are very affordable and provide the best entertainment in las vegas when it comes to strippers to your room. There are fifteen of us to pick from and we come in all shapes and sizes! We play many summer games and as always our lap dances are fully nude. We bring the strip club to your room for your party so you can enjoy all of the sexy benefits available in Las Vegas in the privacy of your own room or suite! We love to get naked for bachelor parties here in vegas no matter how big or small your group of guys is as well! Being the go to girls for strippers in Las Vegas, we are always up the task of going bigger and better when it comes to our bachelor party routines. Our fully nude games are second to none and you will never be cut short on your time with us period. We also do party buses, limos and pretty much anything else fun in Vegas where you could imagine having strippers with you. We are super fun and love entertaining so much that we all do this full time together and is owned and run by us the girls. Don’t be fooled by our competitors who use all fake pictures, demand more money once they walk in your door and will flat out literally rob you. We hear so many horror stories about them that it makes it tough for legitimate girls like us because scummy girls are stealing from our amazing tourists. Anyway back to the only real strippers in Vegas with real pictures! Call or text us anytime with any questions whatsoever at 702-826-8500. Thanks for reading this blog entry and have a safe trip to Vegas and we will see you when you guys get here!