Las Vegas Strippers For Las Vegas Bachelor Parties

If you found this article because you have been put in charge of planning a bachelor party in Las Vegas, you have come to the right place. You probably already have a good idea about what you want at the bachelor party, and a general idea about how to get it all. You are going to need some basics and essentials that are standards for any bachelor party, a great hotel room, food and liquor, cigars and strippers, strippers, strippers and more strippers! Did we mention that you are also going to need strippers? The room is pretty easy to arrange, just look over our list of the best party hotels in Vegas to make sure you are getting an awesome room in a hotel that isn’t going to kick you out if the music gets a little loud. The food can be arranged through a caterer or you can easily just go down to any one of a hundred restaurants within walking distance of almost any hotel and just order a ton of it. Alcohol is going to involve a trip to a liquor store, so just Google “liquor store around me” when you check into your hotel and plan on making a trip with a few extra hands to carry it all. The cigars are easy to get at almost any liquor store, but you are going to have to make sure that if you are going to smoke them in the room during the party that you have rented a room that allows smoking. Only a few hotel’s in the city still allow smoking, and it is only in specific rooms. Light up a cigar in the room, and your party might be ending quicker than you expected. And then there is the problem of hiring strippers.

Hiring strippers to come to your room and entertain your guests is perfectly legal in Las Vegas, as long as the strippers are carrying sheriff’s cards and are working for a licensed agency. There are a lot of websites and billboards in this town that advertise strippers to your room, and they are actually prostitutes. Since prostitution is illegal in any form in Las Vegas, you might be getting a hooker who is going to rob you, an undercover cop or just a really lame stripper who is actually there to proposition your guests. Do yourself a favor and just use licensed outcall services like ours that are going to provide girls who perform specific shows for you, and then hang out for a while afterward giving your guests lapdances and private shows. Everything is arranged before hand and the girls that you see in the pictures are the ones you are hiring. We don’t book a certain girl for your party and then send some ugly chick to dance for you, we believe that you should get what you are paying for. So don’t have your night end up in a jail cell, or having your party broken up by the cops or hotel security. Don’t get robbed and have nobody to call to help you because you were hiring a prostitute and she burned you. We are the most professional and sexy outcall service in Las Vegas, and we are going to make your party epic.

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