Why Choose Us For Your Next Las Vegas Party?

Vegas baby! There is a reason that expression has been so popular over the years, mainly because Vegas is the place that you think of when you are looking for a party. Other cities have the thing that defines them in the form of a building or a sport, but Vegas gets it’s reputation from our willingness to allow you to enjoy yourself, even if it is in ways that might be a little less accepted in other places. That’s why when people are planning a bachelor party, they think of Vegas. We are going to be able to provide you with the stuff that you and your friends want, and we aren’t going to judge you for wanting it. Everyone knows that at a bachelor party there should be alcohol and gambling and strippers, so we make it easy to find all of those things.

As far as the alcohol and the gambling, Las Vegas has no shortage of it so you should have no problem getting as much of both as you want. The strippers for the party though, thats a little trickier than you might think. This is because there are a lot of companies in this town that aren’t professional, and some of which aren’t very pleasant. One of the common bait and switch tactics of these companies is to hand you fliers on the strip with a picture of a girl and a phone number. The problem is that the girl in that picture isn’t who shows, and in fact she is probably just a model and not even a stripper at all. They use pictures of pretty girls to get you to call, then they just send anyone who is available to the room and hope you don’t notice. They count on the fact that you need strippers and strippers are hard to find, so when a girl shows up you probably won’t complain even though you are disappointed that it isn’t who you thought was coming. Even though outcall entertainment to your room is legal in Las Vegas, they take advantage of most people thinking that they can’t do anything about getting ripped off, so you just accept it. Thats where we are different.

We are the only outcall service in Las Vegas that is actually run by the strippers that you see on our website, and these are the dancers that are going to show up at your room. We don’t need to put a different girl on the advertisements because our girls are hot, fun and know how to show you a good time. Basically, we are so much better than all the other services that we don’t need to cheat in order to get you to call us. If you have a special request or have a certain kind of show in mind, just mention it when you call and we will pair you up with the right girl. If you need the girls to be at your room at a certain time, you can rest assured that they are going to be there at that time. We don’t promise things we don’t deliver, and we make sure that our customers are happy.

So what are you waiting for? We already explained why we are the best, and you have already seen our girls. Pick up the phone and lets get this party started!