The Perfect Bachelor Party: 24 Hours in Las Vegas

The Perfect Bachelor Party: 24 Hours in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers has been the hottest bachelor party ticket in Sin City for years, so who better than to give you advice on how to spend you big day in town? No one, that’s who. Let’s take a look at the perfect 24-hour bachelor party day that awaits you and your buddies – not to mention the groom-to-be – culminating with a hot bachelor party package from the strippers at las Vegas Bachelor Strippers. Haven’t signed up for a package yet? No problem – just check out what’s on tap and give us a call at (702) 826-8500!

Again, this advice is solid gold coming from the wildest strippers in Las Vegas, so you know the spots will be jumping and the entertainment right up your alley. That goes for everyone from those looking to get crazy and those looking to do Vegas right. We’ll begin where every bachelor should on his big day – with breakfast!

Have A Las Vegas-Style Breakfast

When you wake up on the day of the bachelor party, you’re going to need sustenance to make it through the next 24 hours. After all, you’re going to want to have all your energy when the strippers arrive for your big bachelor party in-room show. That goes doubly so for the bachelor as it’s his night and he gets tons of special attention – just as it should be. Don’t worry though because everybody’s going to have their chance to enjoy the night – guaranteed! Now, for breakfast we recommend going for a pancake unlike any you’ve had before at Hash House a Go-Go at the LINQ. Seriously, the plates are huge so bring your appetite and save room for dessert. The strippers you selected will be serving that latter tonight!

After Breakfast You Should Head To A Pool

While it really doesn’t matter which pool you choose, your hotel’s would be fine, we would recommend finding one that’s more than your average hole in the ground filled with water. The best pools in town can be found at a range of hotels but the Mandalay Bay Beach is probably the biggest and offers everything you and your friends could ask for – from bars to DJs and lots and lots of skin. Well, not nearly as much as you’ll see during the hottest in-room stripper shows in Las Vegas but it’s a start. Don’t get burned though because you’re going to want a lap dance or three before the night’s over. We can pretty much guarantee that!

Okay, It’s Vegas. Time To Gamble!

No matter which casino you step into, or what game you choose to play, none of them will be as exciting or as rewarding as the games the strippers play during our hot and steamy shows. That’s a fact. But, hey, it’s Vegas so you’ve got to at least play a hand or pull a slot. We’d recommend keeping your money for the better games that are part of the bachelor party package you chose but you can throw a few bucks at whatever strikes your fancy. Just remember that our strippers are sure to strike it more! So, if you want to gamble just do it at your hotel where you’re going to get comps for your rooms and stay. That’s doing Vegas right and getting out without losing your shirt. Let our girls do that!

Get Dinner To Fuel Up Before The Fun Starts

You’re going to need all your strength to keep up with the strippers from Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers so go out and get some dinner to celebrate the bachelor’s big night. We recommend heading to a place that you can’t find anywhere else – like the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas. This incredible eatery is located on the 11th floor of the Eiffel Tower replica and offers views you’ll find nowhere else. This is a great place to watch the sun set and the lights ignite across the Strip. So, make a reservation and then high-tail it back to your room for the wildest stripper show in all of Las Vegas – from Kinky Lesbian Shows to WAP Hot Oil Shows. We’ve got it all and you’ll want every bit of it!

Get Ready For The Ultimate Bachelor Party

That covers it! You just spent the most amazing day and night in Las Vegas and topped it all off with a memory that you, the guests and, most importantly, the bachelor will be talking about for years afterward. That’s a sure thing and so is our place as the #1 Bachelor Party Strippers in Las Vegas. Check out our strippers, our available bachelor party packages and then make the call to (702) 826-8500 to book the perfect bachelor party with the strippers who never fail to deliver. You can also submit a contact form and we’ll call you directly!

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Top 3 Bachelor Party Pool Days in Las Vegas

Top 3 Bachelor Party Pool Days in Las Vegas

Let’s set the stage, shall we? You’ve spent weeks planning your big trip to Las Vegas to celebrate your buddy’s bachelor party. You’ve lined up your airfare and found the perfect hotel for your hot in-room entertainment courtesy of the ladies from Las Vegas Bachelor Party Strippers. Of course, the hot bachelor party package you’ve picked out, as well as the strippers you’ve chosen specifically to be there, are the main attraction but you’re going to have some time on your hands before the big night – especially if you’re in Las Vegas for the weekend.

Now, how can a bunch of friends spend a day in Las Vegas? There are honestly too many answers to that question as fun is what Vegas is all about. But we have an idea that just might surprise you. After all, you’d expect us to say go gamble your money away and have a blast. Not so fast! If you want to have a wild time before the bachelor party then the pools of Las Vegas are where it’s at. Let’s look at our Top 3 pools where the party is always on!

The Encore Beach Club Pools

If you’re looking for an incredible time – whether in the water or out – then the Encore Beach Club is where you’ll find it. With a variety of pools to choose from – it’s three-tiered action here! – you’re sure to find a spot that’s right up your alley; a spot where you can get energized for the bachelor party to come later that evening or whenever you’re ready to enjoy the hottest bachelor party show in Las Vegas. Oh, did we mention that this hotel pool has resident DJs during the summer months banging out beats while the beautiful people dance and swim all day and all night long. Find pool and event facts here!

The Mandalay Bay Beach Pools

Okay, so we really shouldn’t call this one a pool. It’s more like a resort from the Bahamas dropped right in the middle of the Strip. It’s a metropolis of water with every pool imaginable available, so no matter what you like it’s sure to be found among the acres and acres of watery delights. It’s got music, drinks, crazy water features and much, much more. And that doesn’t even include the thousands of people all having as much fun as the law allows. There’s no better place to prepare yourself and your friends for the bachelor party package that’s to follow. So, get some sun and get ready for the most incredible night of debauchery Las Vegas has to offer! You can find out more about the pools here.

The Pools at the Park MGM

While a bit more chill than the other entries on our list, this hotel pool complex offers everything you could ever want in a relaxing day in or out of the water. Great food, a live DJ or just a private cabana for you and your bachelor party guests. You can’t go wrong at the Park MGM pools and that’s just the warmup. The big night is still to come where you’ll all get to experience a hot, sexy show from the most incredible strippers in Las Vegas – in your room and turned up to 11. So, start your day at the pools at the Park MGM and finish in your room with the hottest strippers in Sin City! Check out pool details here.

Get Some Sun & Get Ready to Party

Remember, you’re in Las Vegas to make a memory that none of you will ever forget. Our strippers will take care of the entertainment – the wildest entertainment in Vegas – but you have to take care of the rest of the time you’re in town. We recommend a relaxing day at the pool to get ready for a night that’s sure to blow everyone out of the water. Believe it when we say that the pool is the best way to keep cool while you’re thinking about the incredibly hot strippers you’ve booked for the show. Haven’t booked them yet? No problem – just make the call to (702) 826-8500 or fill out a contact form and we’ll help you select the right party for your bachelor!

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Your Vegas Bachelor Party: How It Works in 5 Steps

Your Vegas Bachelor Party: How It Works in 5 Steps

A Las Vegas Bachelor Stripper party is the wildest, craziest bachelor party you can find in the US – no matter how hard you look. With the hottest women in Sin City who take bachelor party entertainment to a whole new level, we’re the party place for those looking to give their bachelor buddy a night the entire party will never forget. And by never forget we mean tell the story again and again to all who’ll listen because the night, well, the night was just that incredible! So how does a Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers party work, you’re wondering? That’s easy and we’ve laid it all out for you below!

Step #1: Get the Guests to Vegas

Of course, you can’t have a Las Vegas bachelor party with the wildest strippers in Vegas in your room in any place other than Sin City. It’s where you want to be and where our girls can take you on an adventure you’ll never, ever want to end. But before the fun begins, you need to book a flight or rent a car with Las Vegas as the destination. Our beautiful girls don’t care how you get here so long as you’re here and ready for a hot, sexy bachelor party experience at the time you book for them to arrive. So run, drive or fly down to Vegas when the time is right and our strippers will do the rest!

Step #2: Choose A Bachelor Party Package

Whether you book your party before you arrive in Las Vegas – our recommendation as the stripper you want may be unavailable if you wait until the last minute – or call as soon as you get here, you’ll need to select which hot bachelor party package you want to enjoy. We have everything you can dream of and some things so naughty that perhaps you never have. Even better for our strippers as they get to help you celebrate your bachelor’s big day and show him something he may never see again in real life. We’re talking Kinky Lesbian Shows, WAP Oil Shows, Strap-On Shows and more. We even have Solo & Couples Shows for those in town without a party!

Step #3: Choose Your Favorite Strippers

When you choose Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers as your bachelor party entertainment, you’ll get the exact same strippers you see in our images. None of our images are fake. These ladies are the real deal and you’ll recognize them when they walk through your hotel room door. No other stripper company in Vegas can say the same, so do the right thing for your bachelor and his bachelor party. Choose your own strippers so there’s nothing but smiles when the party starts! All of our beautiful women have licenses and Sheriff’s Cards to legally work in the casinos across the city, so you’ll have an amazing time with amazing girls – girls you chose yourself – and it’s all completely and totally legal – safe too!

Step #4: Book Your Bachelor Party Package

Now that you’ve found the strippers that you want to party with, it’s time to select the bachelor party package you want to see during their time with you. There are a ton of options to choose from and each one is as hot and wild as any you can book in Vegas. Seriously, you can see Kinky Lesbians play together, Slippery When Wet action or our bestseller – the Ultra-Hot XXX Toy Show! All will give you an experience you won’t find anywhere else in America and all in the safety of your hotel room – no need to go out to a dingy club and bump into strangers all night. Instead hang out with our strippers who won’t be strangers for long!

Step #5: Enjoy Yourself Wholeheartedly

That’s what Las Vegas is all about – having a blast with no care for the real world. So, what better fantasy to fulfill for your bachelor buddy than a room full of hot strippers ready to show him things that’s he’ll be smiling about for years to come. If this is his last night of freedom, and you guys want real fun in Sin City, then a wild and naughty bachelor party package from Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers is the only way to go. Call (702) 826-8500 or submit a contact form to start planning your bachelor party today!

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Top 3 Las Vegas Hotels for In-Room Bachelor Parties

Top 3 Las Vegas Hotels for In-Room Bachelor Parties

When it’s time to start planning your friend’s Las Vegas bachelor party, the very first thing you need to think about – after you’ve decided on a Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers hot bachelor party package, of course – is where you’re going to stay. Better still, where you’re going to host the in-room bachelor party with the hottest strippers in Las Vegas. So, which hotels are our strippers allowed to work in? All of them! That’s right – we’re all licensed and have Sheriff’s Cards giving us the legal right to do what we do in every hotel in town. That, along with the ability to choose real strippers from real images, is what sets Las Vegas bachelor Strippers apart from the competition!

Okay, so we can work in any hotel in Sin City but which ones are the best for our parties and for you and your guests to enjoy while you’re in town? As strippers who know Vegas like no one else, we’re perfectly suited to helping you find the ideal spot for your bachelor party trip. Let’s take a look at our Top 3 Hotels starting with:


If you want to go all out – and we mean all out – then you want a SKYLOFT at MGM Grand. This is the ultimate in pampered stays anywhere in Las Vegas and it has all the bells and whistles you could ever want in a resort hotel – from amazing pools to in-room infinity spa tubs. Those work great for our Slippery When Wet shows! Seriously, these rooms have it all and that includes a personal concierge to ensure you have everything you need throughout your stay. While this is certainly going to be pricey compared to some of the other options on the Strip, this is the pinnacle when it comes to a hotel room for our hot bachelor party in-room packages. Check availability and pricing here!

ARIA Resort & Casino

Next on our list we have another incredible resort hotel with a world-class casino thrown in for good measure – the ARIA Resort & Casino. With an incredible selection of rooms and suites available – many that perfectly fit our in-room bachelor party needs – this is the place to be if you’re looking to spend less than you’d have to for a suite at the MGM Grand. And this place has everything you want too including incredible pool experiences, fine dining restaurants and more. Situated right in the heart of the action, this is an excellent choice for your bachelor party excursion to Las Vegas and our strippers will kick it up a notch as soon as they arrive. Check pricing and availability here!

Encore at Wynn Las Vegas

Our next selection for one of the Top 5 Hotels in Las Vegas for your bachelor party is less expensive than the first two options but still provides an incredible experience for you and your bachelor party guests – the Encore at Wynn Las Vegas. Everyone knows the Wynn casino brand and that class and style go along with it, so you know what you’re going to get when you check in – an exceptional value on an award-winning room. Plus, our strippers will have all the room they need to give you one heck of a good time. You’ll find outstanding amenities – including a fantastic pool and in-hotel restaurant – and a room you’ll love when you go with Wynn. Check their pricing and availability here!

Now Pick A Bachelor Party Package!

Once you’ve decided on a hotel for your bachelor party trip to Las Vegas, all you have to do is choose the right hot bachelor party package for you and your guests – not to mention the bachelor himself. Check out all of the super-hot and steamy action we have in store and make your choice. All are sure to please!

If you’d like additional assistance planning your bachelor party trip – whether it’s the best hotel for your budget that we know of or anything else – we’re here to help. After all, we want your bachelor party to go off without a hitch and leave you all with memories that will last a lifetime, so give us a call at (702) 826-8500 or fill out a simple contact form to get started!

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Tips for Bachelor Party Weekends in Las Vegas

Tips for Bachelor Party Weekends in Las Vegas

When you’re planning a Las Vegas bachelor party, the most important element is the entertainment. And since you already chose your hot bachelor party package from Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers, complete with strippers you picked out using real images of the most beautiful ladies in Vegas, all you need to do now is decide how you and the bachelor party guests are going to spend the rest of the time that you’re in town. Because you chose Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers – a wise decision, by the way – we’re here to help you make the most of your time here and avoid the most common mistakes that visitors make when they hit the Strip.

To make it as easy as possible to find what you’re after – aside from the hottest strippers in Las Vegas and a wild bachelor party in-room package because that’s taken care of – we’ve put together a bulleted list of some items that may help you have a much better time while you’re in town. So, let’s dive right in to the good stuff:

  • Stick to the Plan: You’ve made it to Las Vegas – a city literally designed to make you forget your priorities and lose yourself in fun. That’s all well and good but you have a mission and you cannot get lost in the casino wilderness and miss the big night. This is more than a fringe danger too – especially if you have a large party. Be sure that you all agree to meet at a specific time and place if you get separated. Yes, you’re not children but Las Vegas was built to take advantage of even the most cynical pf people, so it will make its play to screw up your schedule again and again. Don’t let it happen. While spontaneity is great it’s not why you all came to Las Vegas. You came for a bachelor party and it’s worth the trip by itself. That’s a promise!
  • Staying Safe in Sin City: Okay, we have another one that may sound obvious but it still bears repeating. Las Vegas is a fantastic place and it’s got police presence all over the place to keep you safe from bad people and to keep the rest of us safe from you if you get out of control. Don’t let that happen. Yes, it’s Vegas. Yes, you should let it all hang out. But there are limits and laws here too and you don’t want to cross them and spend the evening in a holding cell. The same thing goes for wandering out-of-bounds. What do we mean by that? Simple. Just like in any tourist haven, there are going to be people out there who will try to take advantage of you if you wander into the wrong corners of town. Do yourself a favor and stay where tourists are supposed to be and you’ll be fine. We’ll keep you safe during the bachelor party!
  • Venue Dress Codes: This is a big one as many venues in Las Vegas are going to require you to meet their dress codes. While we’d love to give you a rule of thumb to follow when it comes to your apparel, there simply isn’t one with many clubs and casinos having dress codes that run the gamut from casual to dressy. The best advice we can give you is to call ahead and ask what specific rules the venue you’re going to has in place. That way you can ensure that everyone in your party can get into wherever you’re trying to go. But don’t forget to get back to your hotel room in time for the hot bachelor party package you’re got lined up. You don’t want to keep the wildest strippers in Las Vegas waiting!
  • Going VIP & Guest List: In Las Vegas, money talks and it speaks every language known to man. So, if you and your bachelor party guests are looking for special treatment at a club or venue in Vegas then you’re going to have to pay for it. There are no discounts or special rates at most places because the sheer volume of visitors to Las Vegas makes it unnecessary. However, you can still get the treatment you’re after if you pony up the cash or credit for it. That includes VIP treatment and Guest List placement at clubs, restaurants and entertainment venues across the Strip. Just reach out to the venue and ask what they require to get what you’re after. It should be that easy though it may cost a lot. We recommend saving that money for your bachelor party because our strippers are much better entertainment than any club or bar can offer – no matter their VIP situation!

Remember – The Bachelor Party Matters Most!

While you’re out on the town, it’s important to keep your eyes on the prize – the hot bachelor party package of wild and sexy strippers you’ve booked – and not get lost in the bright lights and big money on display across the Strip. Those will be there after the party’s over but while it’s going on your attention will be completely on the naughtiest bachelor party package Las Vegas has to offer. Haven’t booked your package yet? Then you need to hurry so you can still; pack the strippers you want for your show. Call (702) 826-8500 or send in a contact form and we’ll contact you immediately to get started!

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Your Vegas Bachelor Party: How It Works in 5 Steps

5 Best Restaurants in Las Vegas for Bachelor Parties

Your friend’s bachelor party in Las Vegas is a really big deal – to him, to you and to all of the guests who will be coming. That goes for the trip itself and the in-room hot bachelor party package you have booked. Everyone is super excited to get to the Strip and see some strippers and that’s great news because you’re all in for an incredible in-room show that’s hotter than anything any of you have even experienced – with strippers you chose specifically to be there using real images of these beautiful women. Las Vergas Bachelor Strippers is the only company in Las Vegas with real images, so don’t be fooled by the fakers out there!

But back to your pre-bachelor party plans – what are you guys going to do before it’s time to get naughty with the wildest strippers in Las Vegas? You need to fuel up for the bachelor party and Las Vegas has all the restaurants you need to find the perfect pre-bachelor party spread that will have you amped and ready for the rowdy night to come! Here are what we think are five of the best restaurants in Las Vegas – each with something else to offer!

Want A Steak? Go To Oscar’s Steakhouse

Named after a former mayor of Las Vegas, You can find this amazing steakhouse on the second floor of the Plaza Hotel. Tables give you views of Fremont Street so you can watch all the people walk the Strip as you eat some of the finest cuts in Las Vegas. And this is the type of meal you’re going to need to have enough energy to enjoy your in-room entertainment from the incredible strippers you’ve booked from Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers. If you like spicy then go for the Spilotro! Get your reservation for Oscar’s Steakhouse here!

Into Seafood? Then You Want Lakeside

Located inside the Wynn, Lakeside is an amazing place that serves up seafood unlike you’ve ever had before. We’re talking incredible fare in an even more incredible setting, so if you’re big on seafood of all kinds then this is the place for you. They also make some wicked drinks here, so bring your appetite and a willingness to try new things and you’ll have a blast. And that’s all just preamble to the hot, steamy bachelor party stripper package that’s still to come! Our girls are ready to party and it’s up to you to be ready too! Make a reservation at Lakeside here!

When You Want Sushi, You Want Mizumi

This may be the flashiest restaurant on our list and with good reason – everything in here is gold, lacquer or hardwood. That is everything but the food. The food is something beyond words with everything you could ever want in a Japanese restaurant found inside – and all at the pinnacle of their profession. Sushi chefs, teppanyaki masters, robatayaki gurus and more – all in a setting that’s straight out of an Emperor’s dining room. It really is a one-of-a-kind dining experience and it won’t weigh you down for the big night that you’ve got planned. The strippers you specifically chose, the hot bachelor party in-room package and all the fun you’re going to have are just a short time away, so make a reservation at Mizumi and then get to your hotel room fast!

For Drinks, It’s Bardot Brasserie Every Time

When you’re after a good meal and some amazing drinks, there’s only one bar that stands above the rest. That’s the bar you’ll find inside Bardot Brasserie inside the ARIA Resort & Casino. Seriously, this is a bar straight out of the Old World and will transport you and the bachelor party guests to another world where drinks were classy and dining an event. They serve all kinds of wonderful food but we would go with the Manhattan and see what it was like back when your Grandfather drank it. They even have a roving Champagne cart which makes this the perfect place to get ready for the wild strippers and the ultra-hot in-room stripper show they’re going to put on for you, the bachelor and all your guests. Make a reservation at Bardot Brasserie to kick off the bachelor party night the right way!

Best View? Eiffel Tower Restaurant at Paris Las Vegas

If you and your bachelor party guests are looking for an amazing view to enjoy pre-bachelor party and get something incredible to eat at the same time, then there’s only one choice in all of Las Vegas – the Eiffel Tower Restaurant at Paris. Situated on the 11th floor of the Paris Las Vegas Eiffel Tower replica, this is one of the best views in all of Las Vegas with great staff and rinks – not to mention a menu that caters to just about every taste. Make sure to get there in the evening to ensure you get the total package as the lights in town really make this view something special. But don’t stay too long because the hottest strippers in Las Vegas are waiting to rock your world with a sexy show that will leave you gasping for breath in a good way. Make a reservation here!

After Dinner, It’s Time For The Main Event

So, now that all you have eaten your fill and you’re ready for the real evening to start, head back to your hotel room and make preparations for the most incredible night of your lives – and that’s not bragging. Our incredibly hot strippers have only one goal in mind – ensuring your bachelor and every guest have a night that they’ll never forget and stories to tell their friends for years to come. If you haven’t booked a hot bachelor party package before you got to town, it’s not the end of the world. Just give us a call at (702) 826-8500 or complete a quick contact form and we’ll get you all set up for a wild, wild night!

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It’s His Bachelor Party So Do It Right!

It’s His Bachelor Party So Do It Right!

It’s your buddy’s biggest night of his life to date. His last night as a “free” man to let his hair down and cut loose. You’ve decided that a Las Vegas bachelor party is the only way to send him into matrimony in style – and we couldn’t agree more – so why not take the night to a whole other level with in-room entertainment from Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers? Seriously, if you want a Las Vegas night to remember then there’s nothing else that can come close. It’s wild. It’s naughty. And it’s worth every dime for your friend and his guests because by the end of it all he’ll be thanking you for a bachelor party he’ll never forget!

At Las Vegas Bachelor Party Strippers, we like to think that our in-room packages offer some things that no other bachelor party in North America can. In fact, we can nail it down to three distinct reason why a Las Vegas Bachelor party Strippers party is the hottest night in Vegas. Let’s take a look at each, shall we?

#1: You Can Tailor the Perfect Package!

Just think about this. You get to decide exactly what entertainment you’ll enjoy for the evening from the most sensational strippers on the planet. Our hot bachelor party packages offer a world of sensual delights that your bachelor and guests will love from the first moment to the last. Just take a look at what we have to offer:

We’re sure that there’s a package that’s perfect for you, your friends and the groom-to-be, so take a long look at what we have to offer – seriously, the images are all real! – and then choose the package that fits your tastes, your budget and your wildest fantasies. Our strippers will make them all come true with the hottest in-room shows in Las Vegas!

#2: You Get to Choose Your Party’s Strippers

Unlike so many other companies out there, our images are all 100% real. What you see is what you get and believe us when we say that our strippers are the hottest in Sin City and our parties are consistently rated five stars by bachelors and guests from around the world. There’s no contest between some strip club and choosing the strippers you want to entertain you for an evening that’s once-in-a-lifetime for most people.

Take a look at some of the strippers we have available and find the perfect ladies to turn your bachelor’s big night into one all of you will remember and tell stories about for decades to come. No hoping for hot strippers at some club and then hoping they pay attention to you once you get there. This way you know who they are and what they bring to the party before you sign on the dotted line. Isn’t that the way it should be when booking a bachelor party’s strippers? We think so and we’ve made it super easy!

#3: It’s In Your Room & Within Your Control

If you asked everyone who was coming to your friend’s bachelor party whether they’d prefer to go to some dark, loud club and hope for a good time or have the party come to them with a virtual guarantee of a night they’ll be talking about throughout their lives, what do you think they’d say? We think so too and that’s why we’re the hottest ticket in Las Vegas for those looking for a bachelor party out of Hollywood movie. That’s what our strippers bring and why they’ve been #1 in Las Vegas for years. Plus, it’s just a safer alternative in a world where clubs aren’t on everyone’s comfort level yet, so don’t do what everyone does. You’re in Vegas after all. Make it a memory that will never fade with a hot bachelor party package from Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers. Just call (702) 826-8500 or submit a contact form to get started!

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Bachelor Party in Vegas: Strip Clubs vs. In-Room Strippers

Bachelor Party in Vegas: Strip Clubs vs. In-Room Strippers

So, you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas for your friend’s bachelor party and it’s time to choose the evening’s traditional entertainment – the strippers. Las Vegas has tons of strip clubs that offer all kinds of girls and shows. That’s definitely an option but there’s a better one – an in-room show from the hottest strippers in Sin City at Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers. Well, we believe it’s a better option all-around but let’s take a look at just how one of the hot and sexy bachelor party packages from our incredible strippers beats the pants off any strip club in Las Vegas.

Reason #1: There’s No Need To Go Anywhere

When you book a bachelor party package with the smoking hot strippers from Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers you’re getting an in-room experience – not some open-door event you can’t control at a location off the Strip and probably some distance from your hotel room. That means before you party and afterward you’re going to have to make your way from Point A to Point B without issue – something that’s not always straightforward in Las Vegas. Why deal with Uber or Lyft when you can relax and let the bachelor party package of your wildest dreams come right to you and stay until you’re ready to end the evening? Doesn’t your bachelor friend deserve that on his big night?

Reason #2: Guest Personal Safety & Security

Look, we don’t want to knock strip clubs as places to enjoy. That’s what they’re there for but therein lies the problem. Everyone can walk into the strip club and bring all of their problems and hang-ups with them. That kind of negativity can ruin an evening and it can come out of the blue – especially in Las Vegas. Some guy lost his money or his girlfriend or whatever and decides to have a problem with the guys having so much fun. It happens and it could happen to anyone because those kinds of things make no sense whatsoever. But when you have an in-room stripper package scheduled with Lasa Vegas Bachelor Strippers, like our WAP Hot Oil Show, the party is safe and secure at all times because we’re in your room. You control who’s attending and that makes all the difference!

Reason #3: Cleanliness Matters More Today

Does anyone think a strip club is a clean place at the best of times? It’s a bar, restaurant and club all rolled into one. Imagine the bathrooms and the tabletops and then imagine them being cleaned thoroughly between customers. Yeah, we didn’t think you could and we don’t blame you because no place that serves so many during this time can be as safe as your hotel room. Maybe that doesn’t bother you but maybe it does. If so, an in-room stripper package from Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers, say our Kinky Lesbian Show, is a better way to go!

Reason #4: Who Gets All The Attention

Easily the most important difference between going to a strip club and booking a wild Bachelor party package from Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers is who’s the focus of the evening. Where’s all the attention going? Who’s big night is it? Well, at a strip club it’s never going to be the bachelor’s night because he’s just one guy out of a bunch. That means there may be more bachelors there or strippers who have other customers on their mind. That’s only normal because for all of them it’s just another night at the strip club. For the ladies from Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers – the strippers you chose specifically – the only focus of the night is the bachelor and guests. There are no distractions and only one audience for our naughty shows!

Reason #5: Make A Lasting Memory

The final reason you should choose an in-room stripper party package from Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers is one the should resonate with everyone. The bachelor party is about making a lasting memory with your friend. It’s his big night and it should be something that goes beyond what guys do on Wednesday nights in their home towns. You’re in Vegas and you should make a memory none of you will ever forget. That’s what our strippers and packages specialize in – giving you something you can only get in Las Vegas and something you and your bachelor buddy will remember for the rest of your lives! Call (702) 826-8500 or use our contact form to get started!

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3 Types of Bachelor Party Bachelors

3 Types of Bachelor Party Bachelors

When it’s time to start thinking about a bachelor party for your friend or relative, the best place to start – aside from calling Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers at (702) 826-8500 – is to consider just who the bachelor is as a person. You know them better than anyone else, so put that knowledge to good use and think about who they are, what they like and what kind of bachelor party you think will make them happiest before their big day. With years of handling these parties, we’ve put together a short article on the three kinds of bachelors that we’ve interacted with to help you figure out where your bachelor buddy fits in. This should make it easier to pick the right bachelor party package for his night of fun!

Bachelor #1: Mr. First-Timer

Okay, so your bachelor friend is a newbie to strippers and has no experience whatsoever with this type of entertainment. Kudos to you, his friends, for turning him on to this kind of bachelor party – a party that makes every other bachelor party on the planet look tame by comparison. You guys are in Las Vegas after all – no matter which package you pick for his first time bachelor party experience! We would recommend giving the bachelor party a bit of everything because you never know what’s going to push a first-timers bachelor party buttons! Maybe try the Ultra Hot XXX Toy Show (a Bestseller!) or the Vegas Fantasy Show – a must-see for any Las Vegas visitor!

Bachelor #2: Mr. Curious Guy

Now we come to Bachelor Party type #2 – the curious guy who simply doesn’t know what he likes yet, so you as his friends will have to lead him with your good sense and taste. As professionals, we can make serious recommendations with you over the phone that should lead you to the perfect bachelor party for Mr. Curious. The first thing that comes to mind would be our Kinky Lesbian Show or our WAP Oil Show that gets as freaky as any show you’ll ever see in Las Vegas! And because it’s Vegas, the secret stays here for as long as you guys can keep it. With so many hot and steamy bachelor party packages that are sure to please, Mr. Curious is going to have the night of his life!

Bachelor #3: Mr. All-In Bachelor

So, we’ve made our way through the newbie and the curious. Finally, we’ve come to our favorite type of bachelor – Mr. All-In. For this type of man, we have every package imaginable – from our Slippery When Wet package to our Strap-On Show that features the hottest strippers in Las Vegas going wild on each other in action you’ll have to see to believe. There’s no way any of our packages won’t blow Mr. All-In away, so take your pick, or better yet, call our team when the time is right and plan out the perfect bachelor party with all the skin and heat you want. We’ll come up with a bachelor party package that will make it a night he’ll never forget – and neither will any of you who attend!

Let’s Book the Perfect Bachelor Party!

You know the bachelor better than just about anybody, so with our help you’ll have no problem picking the ideal package – a COVID-safe package – for a night the bachelor will never, ever forget. In fact, no one who comes to this event will ever have another night to rival it again – no matter how hard they try. It’s impossible to compare to a room of beautiful girls all with one goal in mind – to turn the bachelor’s night into a story they’ll be telling their buddies for years and years to come. So, make a real bachelor party memory with Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers – one the groom-to-be will thanking you for for the rest of his life! Call (702) 826-8500 or use our contact form to get started!


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Ultimate Guide For Couples Enjoying Strippers

Ultimate Guide For Couples Enjoying Strippers

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Las Vegas is arguably one of the most romantic places in the world. There’s a reason we’re home to drive-thru wedding chapels. Something about Vegas just pushes you to fall in love (or at least lust.)  So, it only makes sense that coming to Vegas as a couple can be a fun way to celebrate a honeymoon, anniversary or any time you want a little sexy couples time.

Sooner or later the topic’s going to come up from one of you. We can hear the question now (we’ve heard it before), “Honey, do you want to go the strip club?” After all, Vegas is known for strippers and everyone knows getting a lap dance is a great way to loosen up and have fun as a couple, or they should if they’re paying attention!

However, many people (we find woman in particular) don’t enjoy the strip clubs as much. Cigarette smoke blowing around, large rambunctious crowds, super loud music and Vegas strippers that can be overly “money motivated”. Believe us, we’ve seen our fair share of couples fighting in the strip club. There’s no need for your romantic night to be spoiled by situations out of your control.

In-room hotel strippers, like the girls from Las Vegas Bachelor Strippers, may be the perfect solution to having a fun, sexy night without unnecessary drama. You and your partner can pick what girl you’d like from our “Choose Your Strippers” page. Get 1,2 or even 3 hot girls sent directly to your hotel room. We can discuss if you want full-on raunchy, subtle subduction, or somewhere in-between. Sorry guys, rule of thumb here is we ALWAYS go with the female’s preference level.

We recommend you order a nice bottle of champagne and relax until we arrive. Just slip into something comfy and prepare for all the fun. Once inside, we’ll play some “ice breaker” adult games. It’s a fun way for us to get to know each other. Of course, the entertainer of your choice will be in lingerie or nude (again female preference) while getting to know you as a couple. Then you’ll have your choice of the raunchy or subtle show.

Either a wild toy show (lesbian show included if getting multiple strippers) or a more subtle, yet sensual, striptease with a bed dance for you to enjoy together. If your hotel room has a nice jacuzzi or shower we can also venture in there together. The show’s never over until you say so. We’ve got unlimited time for you to tip the stripper and the shows can go long past the initial package time. So, enjoy yourself!

All of our shows are customizable but, without exception, our couple shows have the most variants. Often it is the couple’s first time to experience a strip show and we make sure it is absolutely perfect. From the ambiance, the music, the handpicked entertainer and the show itself, we make sure you both are happy and comfortable the entire time. To see pricing and read more, head over to our “Party Package” page to see the couples show options.

Oh, and the VERY BEST part of hiring in-room strippers compared to going out to the strip club is you get to stay in the comfort of your room even after we leave. Almost always when the show is over the couple is rushing us to leave because they can’t keep their hands off each other for one more second. It’s a buzzkill to have to leave the strip club, find a ride and walk back to your room. But, not with our shows. We’ll do all the hard work to get to you. You just sit back and enjoy!

Your perfect Vegas date night is ready and waiting so be sure to give us a call to book or with any questions.

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