Best Las Vegas Hotels For Bachelor Parties

If you have been put in charge of making arrangements for a bachelor party in Las Vegas, the first thing you are probably thinking of is finding the best hotel to book for your group.  There is going to be lots of different things to consider when booking your room(s) including how big you want them to be and what is your budget.  Las Vegas is not the kind of place where all hotel rooms are the same though, like they might be in other places.  In Las Vegas, a hotel room can be way more than just a bed and a shower, and we take our hotel rooms quite seriously here.  You are going to be able to find themed rooms, hotels that have amenities that you can’t find anywhere else, and hotels that are more appropriate for parties than other places.  This is why it is so important to do your research when you are getting ready to book your rooms, because the hotel itself is going to play a big part in your party.  Nothing could be worse than arranging your bachelor’s party in the room, only to have security or the management knock on the door to tell you that you are not allowed to have parties there.  Some hotels are not only familiar with what you are planning, but they encourage it, so lets get into a few tips that will help you decide.  Here is our list of our favorite hotels in Las Vegas to have parties:

  1. The Cosmopolitan. This is a newer hotel that is built with parties in mind.  They have suites available that actually have a “wrap-around” layout.  This gives the guests more room to move around in the room and presents absolutely awesome views at the same time.  There is nothing like getting lap dances over the Bellagio fountains outside, so make sure you bring your camera.
  2. MGM Signature. If you are looking for top level suites that don’t have that hassles of walking through a casino attached to them, then this place is for you. Huge suites are going to give your guests plenty of room to party, and if you want to move it outside then keep in mind that Wet Republic is only steps away.
  3. The Hard Rock. This hotel has been a party staple for many years in Las Vegas.  It was actually built specifically to cater to the party crowd, so they understand what you are going to be doing and they encourage you to have a good time.  The “bachelor suites” actually have stripper poles and private booths for dances, just like in a strip club.  These suites are literally a mini-strip club in a room.
  4.  The Palms. If you would like to avoid some of the traffic of the strip, another hotel that was specifically designed to cater to the party crowd is the Palms.  The fantasy towers have suites that are huge, and they have different themed rooms that are going to make the party unforgettable.  There are several that have movie theaters, bowling alleys and basketball hoops in them, so make sure you ask what you have to choose from when you book.
  5. The Golden Nugget. If you want the best value in Vegas for a party room, check out the Golden Nugget.  Because it is downtown and off the strip, you are going to find that it is cheaper than if you were staying in some of the other places.  This means you can get a fantastic room and still have lots of money left over for booze and all the other stuff that a bachelor party involves.  They have two story suites, some of which have the shark tank pool below.  Imagine a private strip show with sharks swimming below you, that’s not something you are going to find at the strip club up the street.

After you book your room, you will have to arrange the in-room entertainment that is going to make the party happen.  All this stuff is just a backdrop to our beautiful ladies and the shows they perform, and when you combine an absolutely spectacular room with the hottest strippers in Vegas, you are going to guarantee that you will have a time to remember.  So get on the phone and the websites and get your room arranged, then contact us to let us know where we are going to be knocking your socks off!

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